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Gîte Au Val d'Agne- Parc naturel régional des Vosges du Nord


Envie d’aventure _ Découvrez les Vosges à vélo

The moderate pace of the bike ride allows you to cover great distances while soaking up the richness of the Vosges landscapes and its heritage. The most beautiful things to see are often within easy reach, just take the time and enjoy your stay in the Vosges.

Whether you already know the Vosges or not, pedal with your eyes open, you haven't seen everything yet!


Our cottage has the french label "welcome bike"
la magie de noel enchante les vosges
Your most beautiful emotions during a stay in the Vosges, Au Val d'Agne!
noel à la montagne

Find a selection of "favorite" routes, marked out, on low traffic roads, accessible by VTC. They have been tested for you and chosen for the landscapes they cross, the monuments or heritage items that you will encounter during your walk. Get on your bike, don't forget the helmet (compulsory for children under 12), and enjoy a moment of relaxation in the heart of a preserved environment!

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So, for you, the Vosges will be in Sport mode or in Leisure mode??!
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